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In Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, the ancient Baalbek ruins bear witness to a turbulent history. Nearby, the Palmyra Hotel, is a time capsule of a flourishing and cosmopolitan yesteryear.


A chorus of shapeshifting characters evoke the hotel’s bygone era where music, poetry and bohemia intersect with nation changing events.  Mortals and gods wrestle with inexorable time as they plunder the past to make sense of the present. 


Clockfire Theatre Company is a physical theatre company which creates original devised works. For “Ruins” Clockfire harnesses the magic of visual storytelling and embarks on a journey through time contemplating Lebanon as its own tragic hero.


Conceived and co-directed by Emily Ayoub & Madeline Baghurst

Script Consultant Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Producer/Outside Eye Kate Gaul

Video Design Laura Turner


Adam Al Kuheli

Emily Ayoub

Madeline Baghurst

Randa Sayed

Piumi Wijesundara

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