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Friction by Kate Gaul

Australian Theatre of the Deaf

Darlinghurst Theatre, 17 - 27 November, 2004

Cast included Kate Nelson, Sophya Gollan, Valerie Berry, 

Friction combines the power of gestural and physical storytelling with a visceral form of live music. While strongly theatrical it is sprinkled with moments of unsettling comedy. Images are projected onto semitransparent walls to set mood and connect scenes. a gambling factory worker lives with a romantic, while a butcher shares space with a woman who will not leave the apartment. Doors slam, the men compete on garbage night and small-talk is non-existent. But when a strange young woman arrives, she is like a walking challenge to all of them. She seems to have fallen to earth, is curious about simple things and sees a world beyond the boxes they live in. eventually, at a spontaneous party, all of the buried issues home to the surface in a surprising resolution.


Friction is driven by a new music score specifically designed to be appreciated by both hearing and deaf audiences. the latter will be able to experience sonic changes through vibrations, while the former will have earplugs with their free programs, so they can (if they so desire) drop the sonic impact down a notch or two. the score is written, and performed live, by Llew Kiek.

Read about Kate Nelson from the cast here.

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