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H. M. S Pinafore

Arthur Sullivan & W. S. Gilbert.

Director: Kate Gaul

Original Music Director: Zara Stanton

Music Director: Antonio Fernandez

Choreographer: Ash Bee

Production Designer: Melanie Liertz

Lighting Designer: Becky Russell

Sound Designer: Nate Edmondson



Josef Ber

Thomas Campbell

Tobias Cole

Hannah Greenshields

Sean Hall

Bobbie-Jean Henning

Elora Ledger

Dominic Lui

Billie Palin

Zachary Selmes

Daniel Vershuer


Original Production included Katherine Allen, Jermaine Chau, Rory O’Keefe


Hayes Theatre 2019

Regional NSW Tour 2020

Sydney Festival 2021

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“(Gaul’s) take on the show manages to encompass … the gentle boundary-pushing of the original text, our local tradition of sending up the classics, and the meta-textual, pop-culture referential riffing... And she does it all through a confident, unapologetically queer lens. 


Why stage H.M.S PINAFORE at the end of 2019? Because it can be a celebration of living outside your expected social role. It can be a queer party. It can be funny and sweet, and clever." ★★★★ TIME OUT

"Under director Kate Gaul’s command, Gilbert and Sullivan's classic finds new vigour as genderfuck carnival.

If the class plot is unrelatable, the norm-busting use of gender scrapes off the HMS PINAFORE’s barnacles. With wit, style, and thrill, this production is relentlessly entertaining. "Love can level ranks” - and this revel ranks high. ★★★★  CITY ROCK JESTER

“The show is bursting with talent and expertise and basically it’s all joy and effervescence for the rest of the voyage.” ★★★★ STAGE NOISE

“Turning the topsy-turvy of W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan’s 1878 operetta inside out, this saucy staging of H.M.S. PINAFORE is a delight from bowsprit to the sternpost.”  ★★★★ AUDREY JOURNAL


“Kate Gaul reinvigorates the comic operetta for an audience today, giving it a fabulous, fresh spin with her gloriously camp, glittery, cross-gender production.”  ★★★★ LIMELIGHT


Production Photography: Claire Hawley


Hero Image: Harvey House Productions

Model: Lara Lightfoot

Hair & Makeup: Natalia Ladyko

HMS Pinafore – Photographer Phil Erbache
HMS Pinafore – Photographer Phil Erbache
HMS Pinafore – Photographer Phil Erbache
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