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Altar Boyz

Kevin Davenport

Director                    Kate Gaul

Music Director         Robert Gavin

Designer                  Andy McDonell

Lighting Designer   Luiz Pampolha

Choreographer        Antony Ginandjar
Vocal Coach             Jennifer White

Photographer          Heidrun Lohr


Andrew Koblar

Jeremy Brennan

Tim Maddren

Cameron McDonald

Dion Billios

Ovations Live (Sydney & Melbourne) 2008


"... directed by by Kate Gaul. Her work is clean and lean. Within the limits of the piece it has great unfussy Artistic Integrity. Tight inevitability. (Eat your heart out Ms Edwards and Mr Armfield and maybe move over. There is a new star in town. Looking at her resume in the program there is an astonishing range of work and high achievement.)" Kevin Jackson, Theatre Diary

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