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Fat Boy

FAT BOY by Kate Gaul

Directed by Nick Atkins

Performed by Tom Christopherson

MAYDAY writers festival, Tap Gallery 2013

Originally performed by Michael Cutrupi as part of Bondi Feast 2012

"Kate Gaul’s Fat Boy, performed by Tom Christophersen and directed by Nick

Atkins, is almost doubtless my favourite of a fondly-regarded bunch, for its

sheer, unbridled, surreal imagination. Christophersen’s performance is nighon

perfect; again, thanks in large measure to a director with the utmost in

sympathetic resonance with Gaul’s vision. Or perhaps it’s I that chimes loudest,

since, sadly, like Fat Boy, I’ve an unusual appetite for donuts. Or anything

sweet. Fat Boy, the play (and its narrator) has a wicked sense of humour. Take

this, for example: “His mother died in childbirth. Unrelated?” Fat Boy grew up,

tragically, in the suburbs of Hobart and was driven to doughnuts, at least in

part, by his brothers’ mega millions win, which they chose not to share with

him, despite his name being on the ticket. Doughnuts and disco dancing. As

you do. Who would’ve thought he’d be capable of superheroism? But then,

Clark Kent was a nerd. Fat Boy is more of a treat than churros dipped in hot

chocolate."  Crikey - Curtain Call

Michael Cutrupi as the original FatBoy (

Michael Cutrupi Bondi Feast 2012

Tom Christopherson FatBoy 2013 MayDay Writers Festival.jpg
Tom Christopherson Mayday Festival 2013
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