Girl Running, Boy Falling by Kate Gordon
In an adaption for the stage by Kate Gaul

The play is for an ensemble cast of 5 actors playing all the roles.

Tiger is sixteen and lives with her aunt in Burnie, Tasmania. A typical teen – she has school, a group of close friends and a part-time job at Woollies. She's in love with her best friend Nick or Wally as he known: high school golden boy, handsome, footy hero and a good guy. But what's on the outside isn't always true to what's happening inside. Wally takes his own life, Tiger and their friends are left to cope however they can.


The strong emotions and sensitive subjects in this story are delivered with a light touch: this is a surprising, tender, coming of age story where friendship, nature and a spirit of adventure have the power to heal when your world splits open.


In award winning Tasmanian novelist Kate Gordon’s (2021 Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book of the Year Award) Girl Running, Boy Falling is a beating heart of messy, wild, characters and their lives lovingly adapted for the stage by Kate Gaul. 

Girl Running, Boy Falling is everything you could hope for …it’s thoughtful, artful, deftly crafted, raw, real and deeply affecting.’ - Nick Earls, Penguin Books



















From Kate Gordon “I have been working on various incarnations of Girl Running, Boy Falling, for many years. When I was 19, one of my friends killed himself. He was a hugely popular kid – funny, smart, handsome, popular, athletic, completely beloved. Everyone who knew him was in utter shock at his passing, and it rocked our close-knit world. 3 years ago, another childhood friend took his own life. He, too, was so loved, and I was completely shaken to the core at his loss. I began Girl Running, Boy Falling as a way of dealing with his passing, and of examining the impact that my other friend’s death had on me, at an early age. I wanted to look at the things we tell other people, and the things we hide; how we can never truly know people – even in this world of social media where we feel like we know everything. I also wanted to look at the ways a community might deal with the death of one of its favourite sons; and how we “should” process grief. Word to the wise: there is no “right” way."


From Kate Gaul “I have always been attracted to YA fiction and coming-of-age stories about the young adult experience, yet resonate deeply with adult audiences. In Kate Gordon's novel I found the perfect source material. The story is set on the North-West Coast of Tassie, it examines a dark, high stakes events, and demands a surreal adventure to find its way back into the light."

Tiger finds help from an unexpected quarter when Rhino - the guy  from the supermarket - insists on some outlandish adventures.  Romance, a school musical and a whole heap of love ( and some cheesy 80s/90s music thrown in) make for a gripping coming of age story!

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Image by Stanislaw Pytel