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English Eccentrics

Malcolm Williamson

Director & Designer Kate Gaul

Music Director Stephen Mould
Lighting Designer Hartley TA Kemp
Assistant Conductors Keiren Brandt-Sawdy, Shilong Ye
Stage Manager Fraser Orford

Photographer Diana Popovska


Deepka Rata

Armina Shahnazaryan 

Livia Brash 

Amelia Linquist

Camilla Wright

Jessie Wilson

Michaella Ye Zhang

Sarah Ampil

Imogen Malfitano

Sarah Kemeny

Charlotte Merz

Barbara Jin

Christopher Berg

Jack Ayoub

Evan Kirby

Ryan O'Donnell

Hayden Barrington

Jeremy Dube

Henry Wright

Christopher Nazarian 

Michaella Edelstein 

Nyssa Milligan 

Will Millard 

Joseph Kim

Australian composer Malcolm Williamson studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music before embarking on a prolific career as a composer. His diverse work spanned opera, jazz, choral and orchestral works and in 1974 he was appointed Master of the Queen's Music.

" Kate Gaul’s smart production finds a shrewd balance between vaudeville and pathos thanks to an economical yet imaginative design (also Gaul) and witty, well-resourced costumes and makeup. Understanding that Sitwell is writing about the thin line between oddity and insanity, Gaul has a chorus of four resemble Hogarthian Bedlam inmates, always keen to assess the state of mind of the next cookie likely to wind up in the cookie-jar. Characters populate her scenes, sometimes animated, sometimes static as if their minds have wound down for the moment."  Clive Paget, Limelight



"Ms Gaul's production was a model of simple, uncluttered and intelligent theatricality that brought the strengths of the composition and the young artists to promising bloom for the audience."  Kevin Jackson, Theatre Diary

Sydney Conservatorium 2016

English Eccentrics (Sydney Conservatoriu
English Eccentrics 9Sydney Conservatoriu
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